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Do you need professional Craftsman Riding Lawn Mower Repair in Dexter Michigan? Is your riding lawn mower not starting, won’t drive or has a problem with the mower deck belts?

These are all fairly common problem with a riding lawn mower and occasionally there is an electrical issue that creates a problem. Blown fuses, broken wires and bad connections can make for a lawn mower that works intermittently or not at all.

Our shop is unique in that we come to your location and fix or repair your Craftsman riding lawn mower. Our service truck allows us to inspect the entire machine and test it to duplicate the problem before we begin the repair. Sometimes a certain hill in your yard is the only time the problem materializes and since we are on your property, we can duplicate the mowing condition to see what happens.

Then we can properly diagnose the condition and repair it and test it to ensure that the repair did what it was supposed to do.

When your Craftsman riding lawn mower needs repair in Dexter MI, call on Mobile Mower Repair today!