Craftsman Riding Lawn Mower Repair St. Petersburg FL

You invested a lot of money into your Craftsman riding lawn mower and it is a good brand. With the right care and use, you will get hundreds of hours from your mower and it should last 10 or more years. One crucial item we see is people running their engine low on oil. This is a recipe for a new engine if the oil level is too low. Many of today’s riding lawn mowers do not have a low oil indicator light and it is too late when you run them really low as the damage is already done.

While Craftsman makes a great riding lawn mower, they do have their share of problems from time to time. Because of today’s fuel with the ethanol in it, it creates problems of its own when it ages and begins to break down. This is called phase separation and causes the gasoline to break into several components. The light ends will evaporate and leave the heavy parts of the gas to dry up and plug the ports in the carburetor. This creates surging problems if the lawn mower will even start at all.

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