One Wheel Turns on My Riding Lawn Mower and the Other Does Not

You are riding along and take a turn while cutting the lawn and the inside tire spins. This is very normal because most riding lawn mowers have a type of limited slip or one wheel drives only.

When mowing on hills or when turning quickly, you soon find out which tire is spinning right away. Some riding lawn mowers have a locking rear end that makes both of the drive wheels turn at once. These would be on a lawn tractor or a compact tractor.

If you feel like your lawn mower should not have only one wheel turning, look in the owner’s manual and see if it gives you the specifications. If it does not list it, contact the manufacturer and speak to Technical Support for expert advice. There are many different type of transmissions so be sure to have the Model and Serial number of your mower so they can easily look it up to see what drive system it has in it.

So if the spinning tire is creating an issue, you may have to adjust your mowing habits and how you mow your lawn to resolve this situation.

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