Riding Lawn Mower is Making Blue Smoke

If you are seeing blue smoke coming out of your riding lawn mowers engine, that means it is actually burning oil. This means that the oil is getting into the combustion chamber. It can enter past the piston rings, valve guide or through the crankcase breather.

The first and most simple thing to do is just check the level of the oil to make sure that it is not overfilled. When the oil is overfilled, it will come out of the crankcase breather and into the carburetor throat and then move into the combustion chamber.   And of course when it is in there it will burn and create the blue smoke. Wah Lah!

The problem must be corrected though as it will foul out the spark plug and the engine will die. It will also carbon up the inside of the cylinder and create more problems down the road.

A riding lawn mower repair shop is what you will need to resolve this problem and correctly troubleshoot the issue. Visit our Locations page for a shop near you.

Your riding lawn mower can be repaired and back to good running condition with the right mechanic.