Push Lawn Mower Hesitates in Tall Grass

Have you ever heard of the term “biting off more than you can chew?” Yes, you could have done that and waited too long for the grass to be cut or your lawn mower is not delivering the power that it should.

It is not uncommon for your lawn mower to experience bogging if the grass is too high. This is normal and you should not worry about that. On the other hand, if your grass is just slightly higher than normal and it bogs down, then you have a problem.

Before we go to thinking it is an engine problem, is your height of the lawn mower set where it should be? You should leave at least 1 3/4″ inches of grass when you cut it. You do not want to scalp the lawn as that is bad for the grass. Is your lawn mower blade sharp? This will bog down the mower in short order.

If all of those things are in good shape, then you have a power issue and will need to have it checked out to see what is causing this problem.

You can find a lawn mower repair shop in your area by visiting our Locations page for help.

Push Lawn Mower Bogs Down Under Load

Is your push lawn mower bogging down when you get into thick grass or when you mow a little faster?

If so, it could be an engine problem or you could be mowing more than you should. Waiting to mow tall grass is not good for a lawn mower with a small engine and will bog it down.

But if your grass is relatively short, your mower should power right through it and not bog down. If it does, you could have a problem with the engine or your deck could be clogged with grass and have a dull lawn mower blade.

The first thing to check would be the lawn mower blade and deck. Make sure your deck is clean and you blade is fairly sharp.

If everything is fine in that area, your carburetor or fuel system may be causing you the problem with low power. The governor may also set incorrectly. These are problems  that you can check out yourself or if you need a professional lawn mower repair mechanic, visit our Locations page for a small engine repair shop near you.