I Turn the Key on My Riding Lawn Mower and Nothing Happens

This can be frustrating when you have a yard that needs mowed and you get nothing when the key is turned.

Let’s see if we can turn some of that frustration into a mower that starts and runs.

Check easy first.

Is the mower in gear? If so, place it in neutral. Is the PTO switch engaged? If so, disengage it. Do you have the clutch pedal pressed completely down? If not, press it in further. Are you sitting on the seat? You must be in the seated position on some mowers before they will start.

Is the main fuse blown? You can find it either under the hood or under the seat near the battery. It will always be located near the battery in almost all riding lawn mowers.

If the fuse is good, have the battery tested at your local parts store or check for voltage with a volt meter or VOM. Also check the battery terminal connections to ensure that they are clean of any corrosion and tight.

If the problem still persists, it is time to call in a professional riding lawn mower repair technician. Check our Locations page for one near you.

Riding Lawn Mower Repair Near Me

Are you looking for a company to repair or service your riding lawn mower in your area? A riding lawn mower shop may be closer than you think and you can find a location near you by clicking on our locations page for assistance.

Many small engine repair shops work on riding lawn mowers. Some shops will come to your residence and perform the work or will pick up your riding lawn mower for you, take it to their shop, repair it and then return it.

There are many different brands of riding lawn mowers and most independent shops will repair all brands of mowers. Some may not repair diesel engines, but all will repair gasoline engine or propane powered lawn mowers.

Fuel problems and damage are most of the common problems associated with riding lawn mowers. A clogged carburetor or fuel filter and a failing fuel pump are normal problems that occur. A blade strike on the lawn is something that happens pretty frequently as well.

To find a riding lawn mower repair near me, visit our locations page for help with your lawn mower repair problems.

Riding Lawn Mower Maintenance

Maintenance is one of the most important things you can do for your riding lawn mower. Without the proper maintenance, your lawn mower will suffer from an early breakdown.

Most breakdowns can be prevented by your normal routine maintenance. Things like having the battery serviced every year, changing the air, oil and fuel filters as well as changing the oil. A riding lawn mower is a machine and like any other machine, parts will wear and eventually break.

To avoid these costly breakdowns, you should take your riding lawn mower to a repair shop and have it serviced each year. The best time to have one serviced is in the winter months when the shop is slower and you won’t have to wait very long for the service to be completed.

During the winter most shops are not rushed so you should receive a better quality service than you would when they are backed up weeks in advance.

You can find a list of riding lawn mower repair shops on our locations page.

Maintaining anything is important to keeping it running its best. A breakdown in the summer months can be a long wait to get your mower back.


My Riding Lawn Mower Won’t Stay Running

If your riding lawn mower won’t stay running, that does mean that it will run so we can take a lot from that. If it does run that means the starter is working, it is getting fuel and spark and air into the engine.

Now that we know what it is doing, why won’t it stay running?

Let’s say that you mow for a while and then it slowly loses power and then dies. This would be an indication of a fuel problem and the engine is running out of fuel. It could be your fuel cap is not venting correctly or some debris is in the fuel filter or other reasons why it is running out of fuel.

If the lawn mower just suddenly dies, it most likely is an ignition problem. An ignition coil becomes hot and then it breaks down and quits working. Other ignition components can break down and quit working as well.

The best thing to do is to start looking for clues. Is the engine getting fuel? Is the engine getting spark? Does it restart after sitting for a while?

Troubleshooting is a process of elimination. If you need help with your riding lawn mower, visit our locations page today.

My Riding Lawn Mower Won’t Crank

When we say “won’t crank”, let’s define what that means. It normally means that the lawn mower engine will not turn over or the starter is not engaging and rotating the engine to make it start.

So if your riding lawn mower engine will not crank, it could be a number of things that cause this.

First, check out your main fuse to see if it has blown. It should be located under the hood or under the body at the back of the mower. If the fuse checks out good, then you will want to ensure the battery is fully charged and that is has enough cranking amps to turn the starter. Test the battery or take it to an auto parts store and let them check it for you.

If the battery is good and the connections are clean, this is a good time to call in a professional riding lawn mower mechanic and let them inspect, diagnose and troubleshoot your mower starting problem. Visit our locations page for a riding lawn mower mechanic near you.

Riding lawn mowers are sophisticated machines today and it takes the right skill and training to properly diagnose a starting issue. You want to be sure that your lawn mower is repaired correctly and that you can put it back to use cutting the lawn.


My Riding Lawn Mower Battery is Dead

So you turn the key and nothing happens right? But is your battery actually dead or is there another problem that is causing this symptom?

The first item to check is your main fuse. On most riding lawn mowers it is either under the hood or under the body near the drive system and usually on the left side. Remove it and see if the wire inside is burned in two. If it is, replace it. If the terminal blades are corroded, clean them and reinstall.

The second thing you want to do is an actual test of the battery to make sure that is has no volts and amps. You probably don’t have a fancy battery tester to do that, so you can disconnect it and take it to an auto parts store to have it tested.

If your battery is over 2 years old, it could be on its way out. While you have the battery out, it is a good time to clean the battery terminals with a wire brush and apply some terminal protector when you hook the terminals back up.

Those are the most common items that fail on a riding lawn mower that causes the battery to appear dead. When my riding lawn mower battery is dead and these tips will not fix that, visit our locations page to find a lawn mower repair expert near you.

Toro Riding Lawn Mower Repair Colorado Springs CO

The Toro is a great and long lasting brand of riding lawn mower and with proper care and maintenance, it will last for many years of trouble-free operation. All you need to do is keep the lawn mower clean and let our shop take care of the rest.

With the right mix of preventive maintenance and care, your riding lawn mower should be very trouble-free. Parts will wear out and that is a normal part of owning a lawn mower.

Common problems that a Toro riding lawn mower will have is that it may be hard to start, will not start or it won’t cut or drive. Those are all problems that can be sorted out with the right approach to troubleshooting and testing each system.

Bring us your Toro riding lawn mower and let us carefully inspect, troubleshoot and diagnose it for you. The we can change any parts that are bad or adjust anything that needs to be brought up to spec and then test your lawn mower to ensure that it resolves the issue.

We can also perform the tune-up that should be done each year and included in that are the oil change, the air and fuel filter changes, sharpening the blades, checking the overall condition of the engine and chassis and then returning it to you ready for spring.

Call us for all your Toro Riding Lawn Mower Repair Needs in Colorado Springs CO.

6 Things To Check If Your Riding Lawn Mower Will Not Start

You turn the key and NOTHING. Great…looks like you are not getting much grass mowed today and now you are going to have to haul the mower to the shop or have someone come and get it!

Well….not so fast. Let’s check these 6 things to see if one of them is a simple fix that will get you mowing today.

  1. Is the PTO lever or switch in the engaged position? If so, move it to the disengaged position.
  2. Is the Clutch Pedal depressed all the way in? If not, push it until it stops.
  3. Is the mower in gear? Some riding lawn mowers will not start if they are in gear. Place it in neutral.
  4. Is the battery weak? Use a test light or voltmeter and test across the battery terminals. The test list should glow brightly and the battery should read at least 12.6 volts. Are the battery terminals tight and clean?
  5. Check the main fuse. It could be located under the hood or under the battery in the rear of the riding lawn mower.
  6. If the riding lawn mower turns over, is there fuel in the tank?

By checking those simple things you could be up and running again. Always check the easy things first and in many cases, you will find out what is causing your riding lawn mower to not start.