How To Find a Good Small Engine Repair Shop

Looking for a good small engine repair shop today takes some time to perform an evaluation of each shop. Just finding one can be a challenge in itself at times depending on where you live as many of these shops have shut down as their owners retired.

Here is how to evaluate a small engine repair shop to find one that will take expert care of your lawn mower or other small engine equipment.

  1. Reviews – Do a Google search for the companies that you have located and see what their reviews say. Also check Facebook to see if they have a business page and see what reviews they have there as well.
  2. Certifications – Check their website to see what certifications they have earned. Look for titles such as “Master Service Technician” or MST. You may also see “Expert Certified Technician”. You want to know if they are certified on your engine such as Briggs & Stratton, Kohler, Honda or Kawasaki.
  3. Wait Time – If the shop has a couple of week wait time during the busy spring season, that is another sign that the shop is sought out and busy. Busy is normally good.
  4. Phone Etiquette – Do they answer their phone and can articulate what they can do for you and how they will do it. If they don’t answer, that can be a good sign as they are busy taking care of their clients or it could be a bad sign meaning that they don’t care about your call. This is a hard one to judge without making contact with them. If they are short with you, it most likely means that they are busy and stressed.

These 4 items will help you decide if the small engine repair shop is going to be a right fit for you or if you need to keep looking elsewhere for the perfect shop to fit your needs.