My Lawn Mower Bogs Down in Thicker Grass

You care cruising along and cutting the grass when you hit a patch that is a little thicker than normal. All of a sudden the mower begins to bog down and may even die. You are now wondering why it does that?

If your lawn mower works well under normal conditions, it could be a mechanical, electrical or fuel problem. Each of these systems will need to be troubleshot to determine what the problem is. One by one is the best way to proceed.

Since you really cannot put a load on the engine unless you are cutting grass, let’s check some easy things first. Is the spark plug normal looking with a brownish appearance on the electrode? Is the fuel filter clogging up? Are the valves properly adjusted? Is one cylinder not getting spark or fuel?

Check each component to find out what exactly is causing the problem. Some things such as spark will require a spark tester to determine if the spark is good or not. The other items are a visual inspection to see if things are working as they should be.

If you find something wrong, adjust or change the component and retest to see what results you get to ensure that your lawn mower is not bogging down.

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Honda Self-Propelled Drive Wheels Will Not Turn

Is your mower becoming hard to push or turn? Does it not want to go in reverse when you pull it backwards? Is the speed slower than normal?

This is a problem that occurs in the rear wheel drive system. Over time dirt and debris builds up in the axle assembly and causes it to start to bind up. Then it can become extremely hard to move the mower and the wheels may even lock up completely.

This problem can be solved but it takes a good bit of disassembly to resolve it. Taking the drive system apart is one thing. Putting it back together is quite another. Honda self-propelled lawn mowers are a bit on the complicated side in their drive systems. A good schematic or mechanical knowledge is important to ensure that things go back in their proper order.

Try removing the drive wheels to ensure that the gears are not worn down and are making good contact with one another. See if the drive gear spins freely and locks up in one direction. If all this is good, the problem is deeper in the drive train.

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My Lawn Mower is Leaking Gas From The Air Filter

If any gas is leaking from your lawn mower, that is a safety hazard. The fumes can ignite from a hot exhaust  and cause a fire. When you have a gas leak, it is best to get it addressed by a lawn mower repair professional immediately.

Many times the cause of this leak is the needle and seat in the carburetor is not sealing. The weight of the gas from the tank is sitting on the needle which is the size of a sharpened pencil lead. If there is any buildup of oxidation on it, it will begin to leak. It could leak out slowly or it could come out gushing and empty the tank quickly.

Garage fires have been caused by leaking lawn mowers, so be careful about paying attention to the top of your mower on a push or self-propelled and on the floor if it is a rider or zero turn.

The carburetor will need to be disassembled and cleaned or replaced if the fuel oxidation is too bad.

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The Pull Cord On My Self-Propelled Lawn Mower is Stuck

This condition makes it feel like you are going to break your right arm when the pull cord gets stuck. You yank on it and it is locked up tight.

Let’s check a few easy things first.

Check the oil. If you have no oil on the dipstick, that is a bad sign and the engine could be seized up. “Sometimes” you can break the engine free, add more oil and dodge a bullet, but that is rare. Normally the engine is destroyed if run on no oil.

Pull the spark plug wire off the spark plug and tilt the mower backwards so you can inspect under the mower. Is there anything that is blocking the blade from turning? Can you move the blade at all?

Sometimes a rock or stick will get caught in the blade and stop the engine from turning.

The pull starter would also be broken and causing it to be locked up.

If you cannot determine what the problem is, visit our Locations page for a small engine repair shop near you.

One Wheel Turns on My Riding Lawn Mower and Other Does Not

Riding lawn mower transmissions are normally a one wheel drive at a time. You may notice it especially on hills where one tire slips on the uphill side.

On many riding lawn mowers, this is a perfectly normal situation. There is a sort of limited slip built into them and slippage like this is common.

If your riding lawn mower is supposed to have both wheels turning, then you may have a transmission problem or one of the wheel keys to holds the wheel to the axle may not have been installed after recent work.

One way to tell if your transmission is working properly is to put the rear up on jacks and then spin one back tire. The other tire should rotate in the opposite direction on a normal lawn mower. They should both turn in the same direction on a mower where both wheels engage.

Check the wheel keys. They are just a square piece of steel that slides into the axle and the wheel itself.

If you cannot find the source of the problem, visit one of our Locations for a riding lawn mower shop near you.

How to Start a Hard Starting Lawn Mower

You are struggling to start your lawn mower and you just feel like pushing it over the nearest hill…well that is, if you have a hill!

Lawn mowers can be a real pain if everything is not working properly and a hard starting one can be frustrating. So, let’s see if we can take some of that frustration out of it for you.

A hard starting lawn mower can either have a fuel issue, ignition or a mechanical one.


You can check if the lawn mower is getting fuel by trying to start the engine and then removing the spark plug after you stop cranking. See if there is any gas on the plug. If not, it could be a fuel delivery problem such as a plugged up carburetor or fuel filter.


You can also install a spark tester at this time to see if you have good spark.


A choke that will not fully close is another issue that causes hard starting. Engage the choke fully and make sure that is closes completely.

Improperly adjusted valves is another item that will cause hard starting. Check the valve clearances to ensure they are in specifications.

Low engine compression can also cause this problem.  Check for the proper PSI that your engine should have.

These are some simple things that you can check and see if you can resolve your lawn mower problem. Perform these steps and hopefully you will find the problem!


Riding Lawn Mower Tires Keep Going Flat

Do you live in an area that has sand burrs, cactus or other sticky plants that keep popping your lawn mower tires? You try pulling them out but the normally break off and leave the sharp point inside the tire which penetrates the tube. Or the air comes out through the new hole that is created in a tubeless tire.

You can either keep fighting this problem or you can change to resolve it. There are a couple of ways to solve it and getting all the pointy things out of the yard is not really a good option.

You can either use tire slime inside the tire or you can install a tube that has slime in it. Personally, I like the tube with the slime in it because it gives you another layer of rubber as a buffer against those pointy things.

Tire slime is a thick liquid with particles in it that stops up those holes caused by items that penetrate including nails. It seals all the tiny holes and creates an airtight seal. The slime rolls with the tire and spreads itself out over the flat surface of the inside of the tire.

Flat lawn mower tires are a pain because it takes a bit of work to get them off the rims. So whichever solution you use, this will help solve your flat tire problems for a good while.

When I Let The Clutch Out My Riding Lawn Mower Dies

You start up your riding lawn mower and everything is running fine. You let the clutch out and then it quickly dies! You try fiddling with the different knobs and it does the same thing.

Let’s check a few things to see if we can quickly troubleshoot this problem.

First, make sure that the PTO switch or Lever is in the OFF position. Next, put the riding lawn mower in neutral and disengage any other features of the mower.

Now start the engine and let the clutch out. If it dies again, check to make sure the seat switch is connected that is under the seat. If it is disconnected, re-connect it and try again.

Most likely this problem is the seat switch. The mower is not sensing someone seated and will kill the engine if an operator is not present. It is creating a scenario where the mower is tipped over and wants to shut down the engine to stop the blades from turning and injuring the rider if the mower rolled over onto them.

You can replace the seat switch fairly easily and a common one is this //“>switch.

Honda Self-Propelled Lawn Mower Engine GCV190 Tune-up Kit

Are you ready to get your Honda lawn mower tuned up and ready for spring? Every year certain things must be completed to ensure your lawn mower runs its best and does a great job mowing your lawn.

The first order of business is to get the parts you will need to perform this critical tune-up.

You will want to change the following; the spark plug, air filter and oil. The blades will also need sharpened which can be done after the tune-up is complete.

For a GCV190 Honda Engine Spark Plug, you can find one here at this link; //“>Spark Plug

For a GCV190 Honda Engine Air Filter,  you can find one here at this link; //“>Air Filter

For a GCV190 Honda Engine Oil,  you can find one here at this link; //“>Honda Engine Oil

If you really want to make changing your engine oil much faster with no mess, I suggest that you purchase an Oil Extraction Machine. This will save you a lot of time and mess over the years of working on your small engines. This is the one that I use in my Small Engine Repair shop and I love it! You can find one here at this link; //“>Oil Extraction Machine

Once you have all your parts acquired, then you can warm up the engine for 5 minutes and change the oil. Then proceed with changing the spark plug and air filter. The rest of the maintenance is sharpening the blade, cleaning the deck and lubricating the cables and checking the drive system for problems.

The Honda Self-Propelled lawn mower is one of the best on the market and you make a great decision in buying a Honda!

The Best Fuel Stabilizer For My Lawn Mower and Marine Engine – Mechanic Reviewed

With so many brands of fuel stabilizers on the market today, it is not surprising that you are overwhelmed with brand overload. They all claim that they are the best and work better than everyone else’s brand so it leaves you in a position to just choose one and go with it.

I am a Small Engine Mechanic by trade and can tell from years of experience who has been using fuel stabilizers and who has not. One look at the bowl of the carburetor quickly reveals the truth. The telltale signs of fuel separation and the dried up or gelled fuel gumming up the main jet and emulsion tube.

My shop has been using Stabil for years. In one of my own tests, I had 5 gallons of fuel mixed with standard Stabil and the fuel was still good 5 years later!  The ethanol mixed fuel that we use today begins to breakdown after 90 days….yes after 90 days the fuel begins to go bad. The alcohol will attract water and then start separating from the gasoline. This is called Phase Separation. Once this process begins, the fuel will quickly deteriorate and you can often tell by the color which darkens and the bad odor.

You want to treat fresh fuel every time you purchase it. I normally use 5 gallon cans and put the Stabil inside the can before I go to the gas station. Then when I dispense it into the can, it mixes it well and I am all set.

You can purchase standard Stabil easily on Amazon by clicking on this link; Standard Stabil

For marine applications such as small boat motors to large watercraft, Stabil makes a marine grade version. Marine grade anything is always a step way above normal products because it has to withstand severe operating environments.

You can purchase Marine Grade Stabil easily on Amazon by clicking on this link;Marine Grade Stabil