Troy-Bilt Riding Lawn Mower Repair Florence AL

If your riding lawn mower is not running like it should, bring it to our shop and let us check it out for you. By going through a process of inspecting the lawn mower, troubleshooting and diagnosing the issue and then replacing worn out or broken parts is the best way to ensure that your lawn mower is repaired correctly the first time.

Whether your Troy-Bilt riding lawn mower will not start, is hard to start, won’t move forward or in reverse, these are all problems that we can take care of for you. Our professional lawn mower mechanics work hard to make sure your lawn mower is running its best and cuts and drives well.

Lawn mowers are hard working machines and they operate in dusty and dirty environments. This creates problems with air filters, bearings, belts, engines overheating and oil leaks. All of the grass clippings being blown about will cover fan shrouds, transmissions and drive motors which increases the heat buildup in them. Heat is a deadly thing for an engine or a transmission.

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Toro Riding Lawn Mower Repair Florence AL

When your lawn mower lets you down, our shop will diagnose it and get it back running well once again. Riding lawn mower problems fall into several categories; electrical, mechanical and fuel. One of these systems can be causing your issue or it could be more than one.

When a riding lawn mower has multiple issues, it makes it harder to sort them out and it takes more time. You can fix one thing only to find that another item needs repaired as well. That does happen on occasion and it is better to find those problems in the shop than out on your lawn when your grass really needs cut.

Toro lawn mowers are built well and have stood the test of time. They come in many different models from the old Wheel Horse to the Pony and more. Our shop can repair or fix your Toro riding lawn mower and take expert care of it. We are your local Toro repair shop and are happy to help with all your riding lawn mower repairs.

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John Deere Riding Lawn Mower Repair Florence AL

Problems with your John Deere riding lawn mower can be resolved and in most cases, fairly quickly.

With the right procedures to find what is causing your issues, your lawn mower can be working the way it should. By inspecting the overall machine, troubleshooting, diagnosing and replacing the affected parts and then testing the mower, we will know if everything works as it should.

Lawn mowers are complicated machines today and they need to be properly maintained throughout the cutting season. By having the preventive maintenance done on schedule, it ensures that your John Deere will run longer and stronger. It is very important to not skip this critical maintenance each year or you will severely reduce the lifespan that your lawn mower is going to run.

Our staff of professional lawn mower mechanics will be happy to help with any issue you are experiencing. From tune-ups to teardowns and everything in between, we are here to help. Many problems today are fuel related and carburetors are items we fix or replace often.

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Husqvarna Riding Lawn Mower Repair Florence AL

Need a quality lawn mower repair shop for your Husqvarna riding lawn mower? Is it broke down and needs repaired quickly to get it working the way it should?

Lawn mowers can be frustrating because they break down just when we need them the most. When problems do occur, just give us a call and let us check it out for you. By providing a troubleshooting process that helps us uncover those issues your lawn mower is experiencing, we home in on what the problem is so we can determine what part is causing the issue.

By using tried and tested techniques to determine the problem with your lawn mower, it helps our shop find the problem and fix it fast. We understand that you need your lawn mower back to do the job of maintaining your lawn and landscape and will work hard to ensure you will.

Lawn mower problems are typically fuel, mechanical or electrical in nature. We can individually inspect each of these systems to make sure they are the problem or not.

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Cub Cadet Riding Lawn Mower Repair Florence AL

The riding lawn mower is a great piece of equipment that helps us speed through cutting the lawn and automating a part of our life. When they break down, it throws a wrench in the lawn cutting program and leaves your grass growing high.

Mowers do a lot of heavy lifting when it comes to managing your lawn and they work in some hot and dusty environments for many weeks of the year.

You need your Cub Cadet riding lawn mower repaired as quickly as possible so that your lawn does not get out of control and you can maintain it properly. Our shop stands ready to help. With experienced lawn mower repair technicians that are equipped with the latest tools and parts, we can get you back out in the yard cutting grass quickly.

We repair all models of Cub Cadets and have a thorough understanding of them. By using this experience and knowledge, it makes the repairs go faster and helps ensure that we fix it right the first time. We understand bringing your mower back and forth can be time consuming and a headache that you don’t need. By using a great inspection and repair system, we ensure that you don’t have to do that and your machine keeps running stronger for longer.

When you need Cub Cadet Riding Lawn Mower Repair in Florence AL, call our shop or bring it by today!


Craftsman Riding Lawn Mower Repair Florence AL

The Craftsman riding lawn mower has been around for over 50 years and they have made every model you can imagine. From small versions for tiny yard to the largest 3-bladed mowers to handle the toughest jobs.

With all these different types of mowers, there will certainly come a time when you will need yours service or repaired when it breaks down. Common failures are the lawn mower will not start, is hard to start, won’t move in forward or reverse, you turn the key and nothing happens and broken belts and bent blades.

We can repair those problems and many more by using the latest inspection techniques and technology. Our professional lawn mower mechanics understand these complex engine systems and drivetrains and have the tools and experience to work on them. By having an experienced shop repair your lawn mower you will be saving money in the long run too.

Just give us a call and speak to a lawn mower repair professional today and let us take expert care of your Craftsman riding lawn mower.

So when you need expert Craftsman Riding Lawn Mower Repair in Florence AL, call us or bring it by today!

5 Things That Will Make Your Lawn Mower Last Longer

Today’s lawn mowers are expensive machines and you don’t want to have to retire one before it is time. The other side of that coin is that it puts another lawn mower in a landfill somewhere along with thousands of others and adds to our growing trash problem.

It is far better and more economical to keep your lawn mower in great condition and with these simple tips, yours will last for years longer than it should.

  1. Change Your Oil When The Engine Manufacturer Says To

The first engine oil change is the most critical and most manufacturers say to do it after 5 hours of operation. If you mow for an hour, then after the fifth time you mow. After that it is normally done at 25 hours for push and self-propelled mowers and 50-100 hours for larger mowers with an oil filter such as a riding lawn mower.

Use the proper grade of oil when the engine is brand new and then if you want to switch to synthetic oil after the first oil change, you are fine to do so.

  1. Change Your Air, Fuel, Hydrostatic Transmission and Oil Filters

These filters do a very good job of keeping contaminants out of the air, fuel and oil. They must be changed periodically to ensure that those contaminants do not get inside your engine and cause damage.

Dirt can enter the intake through a clogged air filter or one that has holes in it or is improperly installed. Fuel filters can become clogged with debris that is in the gas tank such as rust on older machines and plastic or rubber particles from newer fuel tanks. Oil filters can become clogged with metal shavings and sludge that normally occurs in an engine.

Change them out on a schedule and be sure to check the air filter often and if it needs to be replaced, change it.

  1. Grease the Chassis

The chassis includes the steering arms, wheels, suspension components, deck lift arms and deck pulleys. If there is a grease fitting on the mower, it is meant to be greased. Some components such as wheels need to be removed to grease the axles. Clean up any grease that squeezed out of components to keep it from attracting dirt and grass clippings.

  1. Keep the Lawn Mower Clean

When dirt gets on the engine, it is like an insulating blanket. It keeps the heat in and makes the engine run hotter. The same thing for the hydrostatic transmission if your lawn mower has one. Use compressed air to clean out the engine cooling fins and blower shroud. Also be sure that the sides of the block are kept clean. Blow the grass off of the hydrostatic transmission as well.

After each mowing, blow the grass off of the deck with a leaf blower or other suitable method. Grass accumulating in this area will cause the deck to rust and the parts that move on the deck such as the idler pulleys to stick. Put some dry lubricant on those linkages that move to keep them working correctly. A dry spray silicone works good.

Scrape the bottom of the deck to keep the wet grass off of it as well. This is where the rust really gets started and before long can penetrate the deck.

  1. Tune-up The Lawn Mower Every Year

Many people skip this step. They think that if it is running alright, they will not need one. This is when those critical filters are normally changed as well as the spark plugs. The blades are sharpened and the overall machine is inspected. You want to look for cracked or worn out deck and drive belts, loose steering components, missing nuts and bolts, items that do not work, the battery charging system is working and if it has cooling hoses, check those for cracks and the condition of the coolant. Also check to see if the deck is level and that the pulleys are not binding or wearing out in the case of plastic drive pulleys.

With those easy to check things, you can keep your lawn mower running strong for longer and have much less downtime for years to come.



Troy-Bilt Riding Lawn Mower Repair Enterprise AL

Lawn mower repair and maintenance are services we can help with for your Enterprise Alabama lawn mower. We will provide an overall inspection of the lawn mower and begin the troubleshooting process if there is an issue or provide tune-up services at your request.

Our shop can perform many of the much needed lawn mower repairs from carburetor overhauls or replacement, deck and drive belt replacement, battery replacement and transmission repairs. We are here to help with all your lawn mower repair issues and will check out the entire machine to make sure that it works as it should.

A poor running lawn mower cuts poorly and wastes fuel and it hard on the engine and transmission. Ensuring your lawn mower runs great makes your job of cutting the lawn go faster and is easier on the engine and drive train. By using quality repair parts to keep your lawn mower working its best, it will run for many years to come. Just give us a call and let us work hard for you and take great care of your lawn mower today.

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Toro Riding Lawn Mower Repair Enterprise AL

Is your Toro riding lawn mower in need of a repair shop that can get you in and repair your mower? We strive to ensure that our lawn mower is diagnosed correctly and the right parts are installed to resolve the problem.

Lawn mower repair is our specialty and we would be happy to help with yours. From carburetors to transmissions, we repair those and everything in between. Most problems are small in nature and can be taken care of easily. Some problems such as electrical require more time to troubleshoot and find the source of the issue. Fuel problems are much different as you can see when the engine is not getting enough fuel.

Other problems such as deck belts that break or you hit something with a lawn mower blade are common things that we check for to ensure that you won’t be breaking a belt down the road and needing more repair services. By paying close attention to those items that wear out, we can help prevent problems from happening before they occur.

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John Deere Riding Lawn Mower Repair Enterprise AL

If you are in need of a quality repair service to fix your John Deere riding lawn mower, our shop is here to help. We can perform services such as tune-ups, tear downs, electrical troubleshooting, deck and drive problems and much more.

John Deere lawn mowers don’t have a lot of problems, but things do wear out. Deck and drive belts are things that are in need of replacement after so much time on the machine and depending on how you drive and the grass you cut. Hilly terrain wears out the drive belt faster.

When you need a lawn mower repair shop, it is important to use one that is knowledgeable about John Deere riding lawn mowers because they have their own unique set of problems. When you are familiar with them, it makes the repair go faster and the quality of the repair increases.

If you are having problems with your lawn mower, just bring it to us or give us a call and let us take expert care of it for you. We are happy to help with all models of John Deere riding lawn mowers.

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