Lawn Mower Keeps Dying Right After it Starts

This is a frustrating experience when you are ready to cut your lawn and have made the time to do it. All you want to do is pull the cord or turn the key and get that job over with.

In most cases what you are dealing with is a fuel problem. The carburetor is not allowing fuel to pass through one of the jets and it normally is the idle jet. The main jet could also be partially plugged up or is sucking some debris into it from the carburetor float bowl.

A lack of fuel is causing starvation and the engine is dying because of it so you must get to the root of this problem to find out why. This will often require the carburetor to be taken apart and thoroughly cleaned inside and out. The ethanol in the fuel today will leave a powder like residue when it dries up and this will clog those ports. Dipping the carburetor with the plastic removed in Chemdip is one such way to clean them very well.

After you have cleaned up your carburetor, reinstall it and test your engine to see if it cures the problem with it dying right after it starts. If it does not, you may have to replace the carburetor but also check your air filter to ensure that it is not plugged with dirt and debris.

My Lawn Mower Runs For a Few Seconds and Dies

This could happen with a push mower, self-propelled or riding lawn mower. It doesn’t matter what kind of engine it has on it or the brand. What matters is that the engine is not getting the fuel it needs to continue to run. It will have enough fuel to run for a brief time but then it will die.

This problem with your lawn mower runs for a few second and dies normally occurs in the springtime when you first start the lawn mower. The carburetor is usually the culprit that causes these problems and the fuel that was left inside of it has gelled up and plugs up the ports inside it.

You will need a professional lawn mower mechanic to resolve this issue for you because the carburetor will need to taken apart and cleaned. This is not a job for someone that is not familiar with or have worked on carburetors before. It has many different ports that you must need to know how to clean and where they are located.

You can find a lawn mower repair professional at our Locations page to help resolve my lawn mower runs for a few seconds and dies problem.

My Lawn Mower Will Run For a While and Then Dies

This is not a very common problem but it does occur with some regularity. The lawn mower will be running just fine and then it may slowly die or it will just quit like you turned the key off.

So now what? There are some things you can check to see if you can get your lawn mower going once again. First, check the obvious. Is there fuel in the tank? When you opened the fuel cap did you hear a hissing or vacuum sound? If you did then your fuel cap is not venting and needs replaced.

If the fuel and cap are not the issue, then you can crank the engine over and the remove a spark plug to see if it is wet with fuel. If it is wet, then you have an ignition problem and if it is dry, you have a fuel delivery problem.

This is where you want to have your lawn mower repair Technician provide a diagnosis of the lawn mower to correct the problem. By knowing the intricacies of the engine and its systems, a good lawn mower repair Tech can quickly isolate the problem and get your lawn mower running again soon. Check our list of locations for a lawn mower repair Technician in your area.

Lawn mower repair professionals can resolve the lawn mower will run for a while and then dies problem.