My Lawn Mower Slowly Loses Power and Then Dies

You are just mowing along as usual and your lawn mower will slowly lose power and then it will just shut off. This is not an instant shut down, it happens over a minute or so.

In many cases this is a simple fix and to test what the problem is, loosen the gas cap a little and if you hear air rushing in as you do, it probably means that your gas cap is not venting properly. A gas cap is supposed to let air into the gas tank but not let it escape.

Now start your lawn mower and see if it runs for a long time. If it does, you have a bad gas cap. If you still have the same problem, you need to check your fuel filter and down the line to the carburetor. Check the fuel filter by pinching off the fuel line and removing it from the carburetor. Then release the pinched hose and let it drain into a clear glass container. If the fuel doesn’t come out of the hose with any quantity, you most likely found the problem. If the flow is good, move onto the carburetor. It will need to be taken apart and cleaned of any debris or ethanol intrusion.

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My Lawn Mower Just Died in the Yard

Two questions come to mind.

  1. Did it die like you just flipped a switch?
  2. Did it chug, cough and then die?

If it is the first question, then most likely you have an electrical issue and most likely an ignition system problem. Most likely just putting in a new spark plug will not resolve the problem but it is an inexpensive first step to resolve the problem.

If the lawn mower chugged, coughed and then died, you have a fuel system problem or an internal component problem. This requires more in-depth troubleshooting to determine what the problem is. But check the air filter to see if it is clogged and if so, replace it and test the mower. You could also start it without the air filter to see if that was the problem. Just try to not let any debris such as grass clippings get into the carburetor.

If these simple fixes don’t solve the problem with your lawn mower dying in your yard, professional help is in order and you can find a lawn mower repair professional in your area by visiting our Locations page for assistance.