Starting Your Own Small Engine Business

You are either thinking about it or you are going to make it happen. One way or another you are going to quit your day job eventually or you want to make some money on the side. I can understand that because that is exactly what I wanted when starting my own small engine business.

The problem I found out was there were plenty of service manuals you could buy to help you repair things, there just weren’t any books that would teach you how to actually run this type of business and make money doing these services.

So what did I do, I wrote my own! Fortunately for me I had 20 years of experience running other businesses and I drew from that experience to put together an easy to read and follow step by step book that would help you get your small engine repair business up and running faster and making more money than you would if you had to figure it all out on your own through trial and error.

Trial and error costs you money for each mistake that you make. You can only stay in business as long as you can afford those mistakes! And make them you will but you will also learn from them. A small business is filled with problems that can easily cost you thousands if you don’t figure out a solution to them.

Most people go out and buy some tools, tell a few friends that they are starting a business and maybe hang out a sign. That is an OK way to start but you will not get near the business you could if you marketing it correctly and sold your services in the right way. Leaving money on the table is a bad thing because this can be a seasonal business as most of the work is lawn mower related. You have to make as much money as you can during the busy season to help tide you over for winter.

How to Start and Make Money in a Small Engine Repair Business” will help you get a jumpstart on your business and will show you how to get starting in the right direction. It covers setting up your business structure, insurance, sales, marketing, education and training, where to get parts, setting up your shop, accounting, taxes and one of the more important topics is what to say yes or no to.

An investment in your business start-up is one of the best investments you can make to help you avoid a catastrophe that you might not see coming. As I mentioned earlier, you can only stay in business as long as you can afford your mistakes.

When you purchase a copy of my book, you get a 6-month FREE listing on my National Referral Website at Lawn Mower Repair Service. Just look inside the front cover for how to get listed. Believe me, this will be the best $20 you spend on your new business!

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How To Start a Lawn Mower Repair Shop

Starting your own lawn mower repair shop can be easy with the right plan to follow. Just like you are taking a trip and you follow a map on your GPS, having the right map laid out in front of you will help you speed up the process and help avoid costly mistakes along the way.

One of the first things you should do is find a name that suits your business well. You could use your own name such as Joe’s Lawn Mower Repair or chose one for your city like Durham Lawn Mower Repair. The latter name lends more to you work the Durham NC area and it will help with your positioning on the web when you have a website and other marketing up.

Now you must get a business license, purchase insurance, find suppliers, get tools and a place to work out of and then get the phone to ringing so you will have work coming in the door.

You probably have some mechanical ability or have went to a repair school such as Penn Foster  to learn more about this chosen field. Education and training are vital to your success and you should get as much as possible!

Those are just a few of the things you will need to get your lawn mower repair shop off the ground. But back to that map I mentioned a little while ago. This map will help you get moving in the right direction and jumpstart your business. I saw there was a need for those that wanted to ramp up things faster and decided to write a book for those that wanted to get their lawn mower repair shop or small engine business going quickly and take it to the next level.

When you get a copy of How to Start and Make Money in The Small Engine Repair Business, you need to read it from cover to cover and implement the techniques in it. It will take you from opening your doors to how to make money in this business and show you many shortcuts along the way.

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Running a business is full of pitfalls just waiting for you to stumble into them. By arming yourself with the right knowledge and information, you will know exactly how to start a lawn mower repair shop in your area.

How To Start a Lawn Mower Repair Business

The first thing you need to start your business is knowledge and information. You must know how to successfully open your business, make money and be profitable at the end of the day. If you have some mechanical skill and are eager to learn how to repair lawn mowers in a business, my recommendation is to buy a book that will get you pointed in the right direction. You could run out and buy $500 worth of tools but if you don’t know how to attract clients, then you are dead in the water from the very start.

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After you research how to get your business going and hopefully read this book, you will need to know who the suppliers are that will get you the parts you will need.

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If this is going to be a hobby or side lawn mower repair business, here are some websites that will help that you can purchase things from without an account.

Jacks Small Engine –

E-Replacement Parts –

Parts Tree –

Repair Clinic –

If you are going into this as a full-time business, then you want to get an account set up with the companies that can support those needs.

These engine manufacturers normally have large distribution companies that move their parts and then those distribution companies may also sell to regional parts supply centers. You want to buy from the Master Distributors when you can.

Briggs & Stratton

There is one main Master Distributors of Briggs and Stratton parts and that is Power Distributors.

Power Distributors –

Honda –

Kawasaki –

Kohler –

Subaru –

Those are the main engines you will see coming into your shop. You will no doubt see others and the Chinese are making many different engines and they are being installed on American lawn mower chassis.

Lifan –

Liquid Combustion Technology or LCT –

Lonsin –


When you need parts and accessories for engines and different machines, these companies can get you quantity discounting on things like air, oil and fuel filters, lawn mower blades, starters and just about anything else you will need. You will want to set up an account with them!

Rotary Corp –

Stens –


For major lawn mower manufacturers, here is a list of the common brands you should be seeing in your shop:

Ariens –

Big Dog Mowers –

Bob-Cat –

Craftsman – – Research your parts here and then buy them from your distributor.

Cub Cadet –

ExMark –

Ferris –

Grasshopper –

Gravely –

Husqvarna –

Hustler –

John Deere –

Kubota –


Murray –

Poulan Pro –

Scag –

Simplicity –

Snapper –

Toro –

Troy-Bilt –

By gaining the right knowledge and training, you will know how to start a lawn mower repair business in your hometown and begin making money doing lawn mower repair on the side or full-time.