Toro Riding Lawn Mower Repair Shreveport LA

Lawn mowers do break just like any other machine and in part it is because they are subjected to some pretty harsh environments. For one, they have a whirling blade that spins around and creates a vacuum effect. This vacuum pulls the grass straight up so it can be cut evenly. It also pulls up grass clippings, dirt, sand and other debris. This debris tries to find its way into the engine through the air filter and oil fill cap.

All of this dirt and debris also covers the air cooled engine and makes it run hotter and shortening the oil life. Then with oil that is degrading comes the wear on the metal engine parts inside the engine and the rest is history.

With good filtration systems and keeping the engine clean and the oil changed regularly, your lawn mower won’t have major problems that relate to its environment that it is operated in. But when you do fail to do things like a tune-up or preventive repairs, that is when things begin to be a problem and cause breakdowns. With a simple maintenance program in place, you will avoid many of a lawn mowers problems. When things do break, call us and let us take special care of your lawn mower.

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