Troy-Bilt Riding Lawn Mower Repair Dothan AL

Riding lawn mower repair is our specialty and your Troy-Bilt rider will be taken care of by lawn mower mechanics that know your mower and the problems it has. By having experience with your type of machine, it makes it easier to find the problem quickly and repair it.

We also provide a full-service tune-up at our shop that of course includes all the necessary things to keep your lawn mower running its best all season long. A lawn mower works hard and is operated in a dirty and dusty environment. This dust infiltrates air filters and clogs them up causing the mower to run rich with more fuel than air. This uses more fuel than necessary and fouls out spark plugs over time. Your lawn mower will have less power as well to cut through your lawn.

Heat is also a big problem with air cooled lawn mowers. If your mower is not kept clean, it can overheat and have ignition and engine overheating issues which can lead to a damaged engine and possibly a ruined one.

By taking expert care of your riding lawn mower and doing the preventive maintenance on time, your lawn mower should last for many years to come.

Call our shop for all your Troy-Bilt Riding Lawn Mower Repair in Dothan AL.