5 Reasons To Buy A Honda Self-Propelled Lawn Mower

The Honda brand has been around for a long time with cars and motorcycles and they began to delve into the lawn mower market to diversify their product line. Today they offer a wide range of lawn mowers to fit just about any size and type of yard imaginable.

I work on Honda self-propelled lawn mowers each week and am a Certified Honda Small Engine Technician so I have seen them only get better and easier to maintain.

Here are some great reasons to make your next self-propelled lawn mower a Honda.

  1. Reputation

The Honda reputation is second to none. When the Japanese design a product, they do so from the ground up and consider everything that will go into their lawn mowers. Their cars and motorcycles have already proved that they know how to build a great product.

  1. Quality

With the invention of the GCV160 and GCV190 engines, this has made the Honda self-propelled lawn mower a real home run. These engines are extremely reliable and require very little maintenance other than the normal oil, air filter and spark plug changes. The engine valves will need to be adjusted when the hours accumulate, but in most cases, it doesn’t seem to affect the performance of the mower.

The deck and handle assembly is well thought out on the newer models and is very intuitive to use.

  1. Ease of Use

With only a safety bail, it makes for a pretty simple machine to operate. Other models have a blade engagement lever and speed control to match your walking speed. They are simple to set up and use immediately.

  1. Easy Starting

Most of the Honda’s that I have worked on over the years will start in one pull. Occasionally you may need to pull it twice, but if everything is working properly, they are usually a one pull start. The pull starter is smooth and doesn’t require a lot of strength to pull.

  1. Great Cut

Many models have a twin blade system and it mulches up your grass very well. Instead of 2 cutting surfaces, you now have 4 that slice and dice their way through your yard with ease.

With so many nice advantages, you should consider making a Honda self-propelled lawn mower your next mower.

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