My Push Mower Hit Something And Now Won’t Run

Were you mowing along and then “bam”! It happens and when it does it is the push mower blade contacting something that doesn’t move much or move at all.

This is called a blade strike in the industry and blade strikes can do a few things. They will most certainly bend the lawn mower blade. They can bend the crankshaft in the engine and they can shear the flywheel key. Your best hope is that you only have a sheared flywheel key.

If the flywheel key is only partially sheared, the engine will be out of time. When this occurs, the spark will occur at the wrong time and the pull cord will be whipped out of your hand and an injury can occur. If this is happening, DO NOT try to start the mower again. Take it to a shop on our locations page for help.

If the blade is bent and you want to change it yourself, you can do this but you also want to make sure that the crankshaft is not bent. I would recommend that you take your push mower to a lawn mower mechanic to ensure that it did not get bent during the blade strike.

Hopefully this will help with my push mower hit something and now won’t run issue.