My Lawn Mower Will Barely Run

So your lawn mower is on the edge of its life? You pull the cord and it will begin to start and barely run and then die. Or you turn the key on your rider and the same thing happens.

In many cases it is bad fuel or the wrong fuel altogether. It is not uncommon to find water in the fuel, off-road diesel or regular diesel in fuel tanks that were meant for gasoline. The wrong fuel or water in the fuel will make the lawn mower barely run. It may pop and backfire as well.

Before you go tearing your lawn mower apart, check the fuel to make sure that it is the correct fuel. If in doubt, drain it and put fresh fuel in and then test it. You would be surprised at how fast today’s gasoline goes bad.

If you are still having problems with your lawn mower that will barely run, visit our locations page for a lawn mower repair shop near you.

Having a great running lawn mower makes the chores go much faster so you can get back to doing what you really love to do.