Lawn Mower Seems to Run out of Gas

You are mowing along and the next thing you know the mower seems to run out of power and slowly dies. It doesn’t die quickly, it just powers down and then quits.

This problem is not that uncommon for lawn mowers and there are various reasons why a lawn mower would run out of gas. For instance, your gas cap may not be venting or a fuel filter may be clogged with debris. A fuel line could be collapsing or have debris in it.

The easy test it to run the engine with the gas cap loosened a little so air can come through the threads. If the engine still stalls out, then the problem lies elsewhere. Replacing the fuel filter will help eliminate that and from there you need to check out the other fuel related components to see if they are working properly.

If you cannot find the source of the problem, visit our locations page and see if there is a lawn mower repair professional in your area that can resolve this problem.

By testing each component, you can resolve the issue of the lawn mower seems to run out of gas.