How To Prepare Your Lawn Mower For Spring

If your lawn mower has sat all winter long, there are some items that will need to be accomplished to ensure that it is ready for a year of mowing.

The first item should be a thorough tune-up. The oil will need to be changed, so start the mower and warm it up for about 5 minutes. Now change the oil and use what the manufacturer recommends.

The next times would be the air filter and spark plug. After you change them, blow off the dirt and dust off the engine and deck using compressed air. Lubricate the control cables with a dry film lubricant such as dry silicone.

Remove the spark plug cable and then remove the lawn mower blade and scrape the deck. Sharpen and balance the blade and install it and torque it to the manufacturers specifications.

Check the drive wheels and lubricate them with dry silicone as well. Remove the nut or bolt that holds the wheel on and lubricate both the axle and the drive gears.

Re-install the spark plug cable and  fill the mower with fresh gas and then test it to ensure that all of the functions are working properly. If everything works like normal, you are ready to mow your lawn!

If you need a professional in your area to ensure your lawn mower is ready for spring, visit our Locations page for help.