The Best Fuel Stabilizer For My Lawn Mower and Marine Engine – Mechanic Reviewed

With so many brands of fuel stabilizers on the market today, it is not surprising that you are overwhelmed with brand overload. They all claim that they are the best and work better than everyone else’s brand so it leaves you in a position to just choose one and go with it.

I am a Small Engine Mechanic by trade and can tell from years of experience who has been using fuel stabilizers and who has not. One look at the bowl of the carburetor quickly reveals the truth. The telltale signs of fuel separation and the dried up or gelled fuel gumming up the main jet and emulsion tube.

My shop has been using Stabil for years. In one of my own tests, I had 5 gallons of fuel mixed with standard Stabil and the fuel was still good 5 years later!  The ethanol mixed fuel that we use today begins to breakdown after 90 days….yes after 90 days the fuel begins to go bad. The alcohol will attract water and then start separating from the gasoline. This is called Phase Separation. Once this process begins, the fuel will quickly deteriorate and you can often tell by the color which darkens and the bad odor.

You want to treat fresh fuel every time you purchase it. I normally use 5 gallon cans and put the Stabil inside the can before I go to the gas station. Then when I dispense it into the can, it mixes it well and I am all set.

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For marine applications such as small boat motors to large watercraft, Stabil makes a marine grade version. Marine grade anything is always a step way above normal products because it has to withstand severe operating environments.

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