The Pull Cord On My Self-Propelled Lawn Mower is Stuck

This condition makes it feel like you are going to break your right arm when the pull cord gets stuck. You yank on it and it is locked up tight.

Let’s check a few easy things first.

Check the oil. If you have no oil on the dipstick, that is a bad sign and the engine could be seized up. “Sometimes” you can break the engine free, add more oil and dodge a bullet, but that is rare. Normally the engine is destroyed if run on no oil.

Pull the spark plug wire off the spark plug and tilt the mower backwards so you can inspect under the mower. Is there anything that is blocking the blade from turning? Can you move the blade at all?

Sometimes a rock or stick will get caught in the blade and stop the engine from turning.

The pull starter would also be broken and causing it to be locked up.

If you cannot determine what the problem is, visit our Locations page for a small engine repair shop near you.