Honda Self-Propelled Drive Wheels Will Not Turn

Is your mower becoming hard to push or turn? Does it not want to go in reverse when you pull it backwards? Is the speed slower than normal?

This is a problem that occurs in the rear wheel drive system. Over time dirt and debris builds up in the axle assembly and causes it to start to bind up. Then it can become extremely hard to move the mower and the wheels may even lock up completely.

This problem can be solved but it takes a good bit of disassembly to resolve it. Taking the drive system apart is one thing. Putting it back together is quite another. Honda self-propelled lawn mowers are a bit on the complicated side in their drive systems. A good schematic or mechanical knowledge is important to ensure that things go back in their proper order.

Try removing the drive wheels to ensure that the gears are not worn down and are making good contact with one another. See if the drive gear spins freely and locks up in one direction. If all this is good, the problem is deeper in the drive train.

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