My Riding Lawn Mower Won’t Move

Is that riding lawn mowers wheels locked up or will it not move when you put it into gear?

If the wheels are locked up, check the brake system to ensure that you don’t have it engaged. That is the most common problem with a locked up lawn mower. If that does not solve that problem, check the be sure that you are not in a gear or that the hydrostat is in the neutral position.

If the lawn mower won’t move, check to see if the drive belt has come off the pulleys or if it is broken. Also check that the tow rod is engaged. These two items will solve most of the problems with a lawn mower that will not move. It is a possibility that the transmission is broken or slipping.

Transmission problems are more difficult to diagnose and you should consult a professional to resolve this problem. There are many different types of lawn mower transmissions, from simple gear drives to sophisticated hydrostatics.

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