What Gasoline Do I Use in My Lawn Mower

This is the age old question and debate on what type of gasoline to use in your lawn mower and everyone has a different answer.

Some people say to use 93 Octane while some say to use mid-grade and most just pour whatever gasoline they have on hand.

The quality of your gasoline is more important today because of the ethanol that is in it. If you can find gas with no ethanol in it, that is a great place to start.

All small engines are low compression engines which means that you do not need to spend the extra money to use 93 Octane or 91. You can use the lowest octane rating that you can find at the pump which is generally 87. This fuel ignites better and will produce more power for your engine than the other higher octane fuels.

High octane gasoline is designed for engines that produce high internal compression. Without it, the engine will knock and ping when under a load and that is why most high end cars require it.

Save your money and don’t throw it away buying high octane fuels when simple 87 pump gas will serve you well.