My Lawn Mower is Using Oil

Are you wondering why your lawn mower is using oil and you cannot see any leaks or smoke coming from it?

All engines will consume oil over time during the normal combustion process. Oil will bypass the piston rings or valve seals and enter the combustion chamber and burn. If it is only a small amount of oil, it will not produce any smoke.

This is absolutely normal and will not hurt your engine. This is also why it is so important to check your oil on a regular basis and ensure you have enough oil in the crankcase before you start your engine.

Thinner oils will have a tendency to get past those oil seals and piston rings, so be sure that you have the correct oil for summer and winter use to prevent this issue.

Most small engines require a 30 weight or 10W30 oil during the summer and a 5W30 during the winter months. A synthetic oil during the winter is better because it will cause less friction and make the engine easier to start.

Check with your engine manufacturers manual to see what they recommend to use for your oil and temperature ranges.