What Does a Riding Lawn Mower Tune-up Consist Of?

So your lawn mower needs a tune-up and you are wonder what they actually should do during that preventive maintenance.

Here is a checklist that I use to ensure my clients get their riding lawn mower serviced properly.

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Riding Lawn Mower Tune-Up Checklist

  • Document Model Code and Serial Number – Look For Service Bulletins
  • Clean Mower With Leaf Blower Under Hood, Deck, Chassis & Transmission
  • Start Engine – Warm Up – Check Spark – Check All Functions of Mower & Test Drive
  • Test Safety Switches – Brake Test
  • Test Charging System While Running & Battery After Shutdown
  • Change Oil and Filter
  • Check Compression L______R______
  • Remove Hood & Put Rider on Lift
  • Change Air Filter, Fuel Filter & Spark Plugs
  • Clean and Coat Battery Terminals
  • Remove Blower Cover and Clean & Degrease Engine
  • Clean Carburetor if Necessary
  • Inspect Engine for Damage, Wear or Missing Parts
  • Grease Fittings in Steering, Wheels, Axles, Chassis & Deck Spindles
  • Check Front Wheel Bearings & Steering Support Inserts
  • Inspect Electrical, Mechanical and Control Cable Systems
  • Inspect Fuel and Vapor Lines to Tank & Gas Cap
  • Inspect Deck and Drive Belts – Brake Pad
  • Inspect Drive Spindles for Binding or Bearing Wear
  • Inspect Deck Pulley’s and System Parts
  • Lubricate Mechanical Linkages & Control Cables with Dry Lube
  • Remove Blades and Sharpen – Scrape Deck – Install Blades -Torque to Specs
  • Inspect Transmission Oil Level & Cooling Fan ÿ Transmission Mount Brackets
  • Fill Tires With Air – Normally 18psi Front and 10psi Rear
  • Check Tires for Wear & Damage – Check Scalp Wheels for Wear & Damage
  • Level Deck if Necessary