I Press The Go Pedal and Riding Lawn Mower Does Not Move

On many riding lawn mowers, the pedal on the right side is called the “go pedal”. When you press it the riding lawn mower simply goes. Depending on how hard you press it will determine the speed that the lawn mower should go.

When your right foot presses the pedal, the linkage tightens the belt on the pulleys or moves a valve on the transmission to make the riding lawn mower move. In many cases if the lawn mower does not move, it is a belt that has come off of a pulley or has worn out. The linkage could also be sticking or the transmission itself could be experiencing a problem.

It is best to remove the deck to check out this problem so you can have access to the belts and linkages. Remove the deck and that should give you enough clearance to look under the deck. Visually inspect the belt for wear and ensure that the springs and pulleys are all working as they should.

Depress the go pedal and see if the belt becomes tight and if not, you have most likely found your problem. Replace that belt and test the machine to see if it works as it should.

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