My Lawn Mower Pull Cord Pulls Easily With No Resistance

So you are pulling on the lawn mower rope and it seems very easy to pull. On top of that, the engine will not start or will barely start and then die.

This is a common symptom of either a broken connecting rod or a valve seat that has come loose. It is also possible that a valve could have become stuck and is not closing like it should. Either of these would produce no compression in the engine and with zero compression, you will not have any engine start.

The engine will need a compression test before you do any repair work to determine what the issue is. A compression tester fits into the spark plug hole and then you pull the rope or turn the key and turn the engine over at least 5 times. Then check the compression on the gauge to see what it reads. If you have a reading of 50psi or above, that is in the normal range. If it is below that, there is an internal problem that will require some disassembly to find out why your pull cord pulls easily.

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