Riding Lawn Mower Freewheels Down Hill

It is quite a scary ride when your lawn mower decides it wants to descend down a hill uncontrolled all on its own. But why is it doing this?

Normally your riding lawn mower will go down a hill at the speed you have your gear or hydrostatic transmission set at. If it doesn’t there is a problem in either the transmission or the belt drive that may be the issue.

Transmission problems are something you want looked at by a lawn mower repair shop to determine the exact cause of this problem. Transmission issues can be complex by nature and troubleshooting them is not recommended unless you have experience working on them.

You can of course check to see if your drive belts are loose or if something doesn’t look right with a pulley, spring or belt hanger. These things can also cause your lawn mower to freewheel. Also check your tow bar rod to make sure that it is fully pushed in.

A lawn mower repair shop will perform  a series of tests to determine the exact problem and recommend a corrective action for you. You can find a riding lawn mower repair shop near you on our Locations page.