Zero Turn Lawn Mower Loses Power When PTO is Engaged

If you are experiencing sudden power loss when you pull on the PTO knob, there is obviously a problem. If the lawn mower engine practically dies and doesn’t want to cut the grass or move for that matter, then you have most like lost a cylinder or you have something wrong with the carburetor or fuel injection system.

Rapid power loss is a serious problem and you do not want to operate the zero turn in this condition. You want to get it checked out by a competent small engine repair shop that understands this condition and knows how to resolve it.

Trying to use the lawn mower in this condition could further damage it and that will add up to more expensive repairs. You already paid a lot of money for your zero turn lawn mower and you want it running well so you can cut your grass and make money with it if you are a commercial cutter.

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