Riding Lawn Mower Won’t Crank Over

Won’t crank over is a broad definition. So what does that actually mean? Do it mean that when you turn the key and nothing happens or you turn the key and the starter engages the engine but does not turn it over? Or does it mean that the starter turns the engine over but the engine does not start?

Definitions mean things and communicating the right thing to your small engine repair technician can help eliminate a lot of troubleshooting that could have been avoided.

When we know the exact problem to diagnose, we can get right to that problem and begin to systematically work on the riding lawn mower.

If nothing happens when the key is turned, we will check the battery first to see if it is fully charged. You want to see at least 13.1 Volts DC and then it should be load tested to ensure that it has the correct amount of cranking amps. Amps are the force that moves the electricity through the battery cables to the starter. If you don’t have enough amps, you may just hear a clicking sound coming from the starter.

If the engine cranks over but does not start, then an ignition system diagnosis will be needed and possibly the fuel system. You will need to systematically rule out which one is not working as it should and repair or replaced components in the system.