My Lawn Mower Won’t Start

Are you getting ready to cut your grass in the spring or is this something that happened during the mowing season?

If it is springtime, then more than likely the gasoline in the engine is causing it to not start. A thorough carburetor cleaning normally does the trick. In severe cases, replacing the carburetor is necessary because it just cannot be cleaned well enough. This would be the case of a lawn mower that has sat for several seasons.

On the other hand if you were mowing last week and you tried to start your lawn mower today and it didn’t start, there could be an assortment of reasons why it won’t. You could be out of gas. There may be no spark. Your flywheel key could be sheared. Something could be plugging up the fuel line. The spark plug could be bad. Your air filter could be clogged. Mice could have chewed up the ignition wiring and a bunch of other things could be happening.

With this scenario, you need to have a small engine mechanic check it out and troubleshoot the problem. You can find a lawn mower repair shop in your area by visiting our Locations page.

My Lawn Mower Won’t Run

Today’s lawn mowers are pretty sophisticated machines. They have smart electronics and fuel systems and if things are not right, they can malfunction easily.

The first thing to do as always is check your fuel quantity. Then check your fuel quality. Is it stale or have water in it? Fuel problems are the number 1 issue when it comes to your lawn mower not running.

If the fuel seems to be OK, make sure that the spark plug wire has not become disconnected, the on switch is on and the choke is on as well. These simple things can trip us up if it has been a long time since we operated the mower.

Also check to see that it is not in gear, in neutral, your foot is depressed on the clutch or brake pedal and you are seated in the seat on a riding lawn mower.

If those checks do not result in your lawn mower not running, then it is time to seek professional guidance and have it properly diagnosed.

Visit our locations page for a lawn mower repair service near you.

My Riding Lawn Mower Won’t Crank

When we say “won’t crank”, let’s define what that means. It normally means that the lawn mower engine will not turn over or the starter is not engaging and rotating the engine to make it start.

So if your riding lawn mower engine will not crank, it could be a number of things that cause this.

First, check out your main fuse to see if it has blown. It should be located under the hood or under the body at the back of the mower. If the fuse checks out good, then you will want to ensure the battery is fully charged and that is has enough cranking amps to turn the starter. Test the battery or take it to an auto parts store and let them check it for you.

If the battery is good and the connections are clean, this is a good time to call in a professional riding lawn mower mechanic and let them inspect, diagnose and troubleshoot your mower starting problem. Visit our locations page for a riding lawn mower mechanic near you.

Riding lawn mowers are sophisticated machines today and it takes the right skill and training to properly diagnose a starting issue. You want to be sure that your lawn mower is repaired correctly and that you can put it back to use cutting the lawn.