Riding Lawn Mower Repair and Service Chelsea MI

Chelsea MI Riding Lawn Mower Repair and Service in Washtenaw County, MI

Mobile Mower Repair

1535 Baker Road

Dexter, MI 48130


Call – 734-426-5665

Is your lawn mower in need of a specialty riding lawn mower repair and service shop near Chelsea MI? We are your local lawn mower repair experts and can help with all brands of riding lawn mowers including Craftsman, Cub Cadet, ExMark, Ferris, Husky, John Deere, Lawnboy, MTD, Murray, Sears, Simplicity, Snapper, Toro, Troy-Bilt and Yard Machines. Your riding lawn mower is such an important machine at your home, farm or business and it needs to run its best to keep up with the demands of the mowing season.

Our shop will take expert care of it and repair things like carburetor problems, tune-ups, drive train problems, deck and drive belt changes, oil and filter changes, air filter and spark plug changes, adjust the deck height and level the deck, electrical problem or lighting issues as well as tire, wheel and brake problems. We also sharpen and replace bad or worn lawn mower blades. We can fix any riding lawn mower that is currently available today and some older models. We only use the best parts, both OEM and aftermarket to repair your mower. Our shop also repairs lawn tractors and garden tractors.

Today’s riding lawn mower is a very complex machine and everything needs to be in as perfect working order as possible to ensure they start and operate correctly. If just one item on the riding lawn mower is malfunctioning, it can shut down the machine entirely or prevent it from starting in the first place.

Your professional riding lawn mower service mechanic has the special tools and training to repair these complex machines and to tune them to factory specifications and ensure your mowers functions as it should. A riding lawn mower service technician has in-depth knowledge about the carburetor, cylinder, cylinder head, crankshaft, fuel system, pressurized oil system, crankcase and sump and camshaft as well as the valve train, both intake and exhaust and rocker arms. This knowledge makes the repair process faster and helps ensure a quality repair job is done every time. A solid maintenance program to perform things like oil changes as well as air filter changes is something that must be done during scheduled maintenance as recommended by the manufacturer. Oil changes are normally performed at the first 5 hours for a new lawn mower engine and then every 25 hours thereafter. Some models can go longer between oil changes depending on whether they are using organic or synthetic oil.

We may rebuild a carburetor, change out a fuel solenoid, replace broken or cracked fuel lines, replace broken or cracked drive belts, replace and change tires, replace or repair the transmission or hydrostatic drive, repair the electrical system, replace and recharge the battery and test the alternator and charging system, repair and service the steering linkages, test and troubleshoot the PTO system and more. It may also be necessary to weld the frame or deck of the riding lawn mower if it cracks or breaks.

If your riding lawn mower has a Briggs and Stratton, Honda, Kohler, Kawasaki, MTD or Tecumseh engine  in it, we can repair and service it for you as well as provide overhaul services as necessary. In many cases a short block is a less expensive repair procedure that can save you hundreds of dollars in repair costs.

Our goal is to be the best lawn mower repair shop in our area by troubleshooting lawn mowers quickly and accurately. Home mower repair is a large part of our business. We are also experts at lawn mower engine troubleshooting and sell mower replacement engines. If you need a belt, we provide mower belt replacement. If your lawn mower won’t start, we can take care of that and more. With lawn mower repair in Chelsea MI just a phone call away, you can trust Mobile Mower Repair to fix a riding lawn mower.

The city of Chelsea is growing at a fast pace and the need for more riding lawn mowers is increasing while lawn mower repair shops are getting harder to find. This city in Southeast Michigan will continue to grow and the demand for nice looking lawns will certainly continue in the future. By taking great care of your riding lawn mower, we ensure that your yard looks great as well. Sharp blades and a smooth running transmission and deck. Running like a well oiled machine is important to the lifetime of your riding lawn mower.

A riding mower mechanic will take expert care of your outdoor power equipment with expert lawn equipment repair.

Give our shop a call and let us inspect, diagnose, troubleshoot, repair and test your Chelsea MI riding lawn mower. We strive to perform the best possible repairs in a quick and efficient manner.

When you need Riding Lawn Mower Repair and Service in Chelsea MI, call Mobile Mower Repair at 734-426-5665 today!



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