Craftsman Riding Lawn Mower Repair Charleston WV

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The Sears Craftsman brand of riding lawn mowers have been around for a long time. Their reputation has been one of a durable mower at a good price.

Just like everything else, your riding lawn mower will experience a breakdown at some point. Parts wear out and begin to malfunction and will need to be replaced. Some parts will just wear out over time and break such as deck and drive belts. This is normal and these maintenance items will need to be replaced.

The brakes will need to be adjusted from time to time as well on your riding lawn mower as the pad will wear out. Your lawn mower may also surge when it runs and the RPM goes high and then back down low. This can be a fuel issue or a governor problem that needs addressed.

Occasionally we see a mower come in that is overheating. A hot running engine will heat the oil to a temperature that makes it not able to lubricate the engine. Then the motor may seize up when the metal parts start to weld themselves together.

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