Self-Propelled Lawn Mower Pulls Slowly

Is your self-propelled lawn mower slowing down over time? Does it not pull up hills the way it used to? Does it take longer to cut your grass than it did?

As a self-propelled mower ages, the drive belt will begin to wear and the drive pulleys may wear as well. When this happens, it creates less friction and the drive system begins to slow down.

Eventually something has to give and the belt will either just stop making contact or it may break. The drive pulleys could also wear out to the point that they no longer grip. Then the entire drive system becomes inoperable and you are back to a push mower. And this becomes a very heavy push mower when you have to move it.

You bought a self-propelled lawn mower to help you power through the tall grass and hills in your yard, not to become a brick that you mow your lawn with!

Changing the drive belt can be easy or difficult task depending on the brand and model of self-propelled mower you have. If it looks beyond your capabilities, check out our Locations page for a self-propelled lawn mower repair shop near you.