My Zero Turn Lawn Mower Does Not Go Straight

Mowing in a straight line is one of the important things about making your lawn look nice. When your zero turn won’t do the job, there are reasons why and we must check them out one by one to determine what the problem is.

The most likely problem is that one of the tires is low and is causing it to pull to the side. Check all your tires for the proper pressure and then do a test mowing.

If that is not the source of the issue, check to be sure that your brake is not dragging and causing it to pull to one side.

Do the drive sticks look like they are aligned properly? If not, this could be an issue as well.

If none of these things resolve the problem, an adjustment to the drive sticks will need to be made to make the zero turn drive straight. If you have the ability to perform this adjustment, go ahead and do so. If not, visit our Locations page for a zero turn lawn mower repair technician near you.