Self-Propelled Lawn Mower Vibrates Excessively

When you start your self-propelled lawn mower, you usually start it in the concrete or asphalt driveway. While you start it up and it is running at top speed, you seem to notice that it is vibrating more than usual. Did you hit something such as a rock, root or concrete?

Excessive vibration is a sign of a bent crankshaft, loose engine mounts or a bent lawn mower blade. You could also have a cracked mower deck that is causing the problem.

These items should be inspected by a competent lawn mower repair shop to find out which of these is causing the problem. It will not get any better if the crankshaft is bent and will begin to loosen bolts and nuts with the vibration.

It is not recommended that a bent crankshaft be straightened. Straightening it can weaken the shaft.

A diagnostic will need to be performed to determine why it the self-propelled lawn mower shakes more than usual. Consult with a local self-propelled lawn mower mechanic by visiting our Locations page.