Riding Lawn Mower Brakes Not Working

If your riding lawn mower has some years on it, your brakes may be wearing out. Most riding lawn mower brakes are a very small brake disc and a brake pad.

This system can be prone to getting clogged up with dirt and grass debris. Normally cleaning this debris out will fix the brake problem. If it does not, you will need to adjust the brakes.

There is a small gap in the brake pad holder that will allow you to see if the pad is worn out. If it is, find a replacement brake pad and remove the nut that holds the brake arm in place and replace it. Carefully clean out the area that holds the pad with compressed air.

To adjust the brakes, it is normally just turning the nut in and out. Turning it in makes the brakes firmer and will grab quicker. If you are mowing on hills, your brakes will wear out quicker and the pad may need to be replaced more often.

If you need a lawn mower repair shop to help with your riding lawn mower brakes, visit our Locations page.

With a good brake system your riding lawn mower will work better and result in a better maintained yard.