Riding Lawn Mower Loses Power When the PTO is Engaged

You are all set to cut your lawn and you pull the PTO knob to engage it and the engine starts to bog down and barely runs. Well, that is going to be a problem for sure. If your riding lawn mower doesn’t have the power to mow, you are not going to get much done today.

This problem normally occurs in a twin cylinder engine. One cylinder has developed a problem and is not producing the power that it should. It could be something minor or major depending on what actually happened with the cylinder head. It is not uncommon for a push rod to slip off the rocker arm because the engine never received the required maintenance to ensure that it runs like it should.

One cylinder could not be getting the necessary fuel to keep the engine running as well. Dirt or other debris could be clogging up the main jet or the fuel injector might not be working correctly.  Bad fuel can cause low power or water in it as well. Water in the fuel will make a popping sound out of the exhaust as it is running.

Low power on a riding lawn mower is usually a problem that you want a professional lawn mower repair shop to diagnose and repair for you. Visit our Locations page for a shop near you.