Self-Propelled Lawn Mower Pulls Slowly

Has your self-propelled lawn mower begun to slow down and not pull as good as it once did? Over time that happens because things begin to wear out. The transmission will wear, the drive gears in the wheels will wear and the drive belt wears as well. The drive pulleys can wear out too.

In most cases, the drive belt is the one item that will cause the self-propelled lawn mower to slow down over the course of a season. The belt will begin to wear on the sides and not get enough grip to pull the drive pulleys. It could also slip and glaze on the sides and cause the belt to slip as well.

Drive belts also stretch over time and then they fit loosely in their pulleys.

Check your drive belt for a correct fit and looseness when the drive system in engaged. The belt should fit all the way down into the pulley and be even with the outside edge of the pulley. If it is sunken down into the pulley, it is worn out and the drive pulley itself could be worn out.

Check your other system drive components for wear to ensure that your drive system is working as it should. If you need a self-propelled lawn mower repair shop, visit our Locations page for a shop near you.