Riding Lawn Mower Won’t Move When I Press the Pedal

Are you all ready to get your yard cut and you press the old go pedal and there is no go in the pedal?

This does happen on occasion and let’s check the easy stuff first. Some mowers have a parking brake, so check to be sure that it is not on. If it is on, disengage it and then try to go pedal once more.

If the parking brake checks out, move to the rear of the lawnmower and make sure that the tow bar rod is pushed in. It is normally at the bottom of the metal plate that is between the rear wheels.

If the tow bar rod is functioning correctly and you still have no go in your go pedal, then take a look under the mower and see if the drive belt has either broken or has come off of the drive pulleys. If it has come off the pulleys, reinstall it and then test the mower to be sure that everything is working correctly.

If the belt is broken, replace it with a new one and an OEM is preferred as aftermarket belts tend to be sized a little differently depending on who makes it.

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