Lawn Mower Engine Making a Knocking Sound

Are you hearing an unusual noise coming from your lawn mowers engine? Does it sound like a knocking, banging or thumping sound?

If you have an internal engine knocking, this can be a sign of low engine oil or it could be a sign of catastrophic damage about to occur. More than likely a connecting rod is wearing out and causing it to slap against the crankshaft and eventually it will break and cause a part of it to come through the side of the crankcase.

The first thing you want to do is to check the engine oil level. If it is low, add some oil and then run the engine to warm it up. Then change that oil and look for metal particles in the old oil. If you see metal, you can be certain that your engine is wearing in an area and this will not fix itself.

At this point, the engine will need to be torn down and inspected for the cause of the problem to determine whether it is repairable or not. Some repairs on small lawn mower engine are not cost effective and a new engine or new lawn mower is the best course of action.

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